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Why Vitamin A Supplementation In Expectant Mothers Has To Be Carefully Regulated

Vitamin A is one of the most important nutrients that we, as human beings need. It is also one whose deficiency can cause a huge host of problems, among them blindness, immunity issues and even death. We are told, by no less an authority than the World Health Organization (WHO), that well over 670,000 children aged five and below lose their lives every year on account of vitamin A deficiency.

Why Vitamin A Deficiency Is So Common

Vitamin A deficiency is a very common problem in the world. In saying that, we are relying on statistics gathered by the World Health Organization (WHO), which happens to be the body from which we can get the most authoritative information on these sorts of issues, as one of its mandates is to keep tabs on them. In fact, according to the WHO figures we are referring to, a third of all children in the world have vitamin A deficiency. That is to say one in every three children (under the age of five) suffers from a deficiency of the vitamin. It gets sadder when we are told that the situation is so bad that up to half a million kids go blind on account of that deficiency each year. We are looking at kids who were born with perfect ability to see, but who, due to lack of vitamin A, end up becoming blind people (and going through all the problems that a blind person is prone to).

Why Vitamin A Deficiency Has Become A Matter Of Great Concern Globally

Vitamin A deficiency, especially in children, has become a matter of great concern globally. To many of us who are not in touch with these matters, vitamin A comes across as just one of those nutrients that are of concern to nutritionists alone. We therefore can’t see the reason as to why vitamin A deficiency would be such a big deal. But to the extent that it has become an issue big enough to warrant the attention and intervention of the WHO (World Health Organization) on a global scale, it is clearly not a petty matter.

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Getting Your Daily Dose of Vitamins

The modern lifestyle has produced a lot for the human race. Although there are numerous positive effects brought about by our technologically enhanced lives, as a balance there is also a negative side to it. It cannot be denied that advances in technology has made daily living more efficient and productive, but at what price? Health is one aspect that is now taken for granted by many due to their hectic lifestyles. However, these can be countered with proper nutrition. Here are some tips on how to get your daily dose of vitamins for optimum health…

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