D’Angelo Wallace Is Wrong About That Vegan Teacher

My response to “TikTok’s terrifying vegan teacher lives a double life” and “TikTok’s terrifying vegan teacher responded and I’m disturbed” by D’Angelo Wallace. Part 1 was a response to “That Vegan Teacher RESPONDED To Me & TommyInnit..” by iNabber, and part 3 will be several serious problems with That Vegan Teacher and her activism.

Part 1: https://youtu.be/KxJE7maXe14
Part 2a: https://youtu.be/0oxiCENHLeM
Part 2b: https://youtu.be/6rElOuAmEUs
Part 3: https://youtu.be/lvdG-aVScPQ

0:00 intro
0:35 – D’Angelo’s 1st video
19:27 – D’Angelo’s 2nd video
30:22 – Wrap up
32:18 – 2 beautiful ladies

D’Angelo’s videos

That Vegan Teacher’s videos

Nashville statement

TVT wondering why commenter is bringing up religion

Vegan TikTok Activist Says She Would Not Donate Organs to Meat Eaters

Meet the scientists investigating the origins of the COVID pandemic

Porcine Deltacoronavirus Infection and Transmission in Poultry, United States

Woman Trying to Prove ‘Vegans Can Do Anything’ Dies of Altitude Sickness on Mount Everest

TVT’s video, talking about fake comments (1:11-3:20)

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