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Ephedra-Free Synephrine Promotes Weight Loss

Synephrine HCL is a substance that is used for weight loss. It is obtained from bitter orange and has become quite popular lately because it has been made as substitute for ephedra, the herbal stimulant that has been banned from the U.S. and Canada.

New Moms And Fish Oil – How To Use Fish Oil Supplements for Optimum Pregnancy Health

When you think of the typical pregnancy cravings, the most likely image to come to mind is that of pickles and ice cream. But what about craving fish oil?

Elbow Grease: Omega 3 and Joint Relief

It is just a cliche until you’re forty-five or so, if you’re lucky. But sooner or later, you’ll wish there really were such a thing as elbow grease. Whether you’re a corporate animal or a manual worker, there comes a time when your joints start to creak and crack as a result of natural aging. Of course, such factors as hereditary illness and extra strain are likely to aggravate the misery. Fortunately, there’s a close substitute these days.

The Effects of Fish Oil Supplements and Sun Exposure

Fish oil supplements and sunshine: while they are disparate, can both have huge affects on your body and well being. Making sure that you have enough fish oil as well as enough sunshine can help with your physical and mental health. It is always a good idea to make sure that you talk with a doctor before you add any supplements to your body, or before you engage in too much sun exposure. Too much of either can be harmful.

Preschoolers And ADD – Exciting New Study Examines Treatment With Omega 3 Fish Oil

Exciting inroads are being made into the study of fish oil for the treatment of attention deficit disorder (ADD). While many children are diagnosed with ADD in the United States each year, the standard treatment protocol includes starting children as young as six on stimulant medications like Ritalin.

Research Shows Fish Oil An Excellent Treatment For Acne

Recent research on the treatment of acne with fish oil has created a great deal of excitement in both the medical community and in those suffering from acne. Fish oil containing high quantities of EPA (one of the fatty acids present in some fish oils) has been shown to reduce the quantity of androgen in the skin.

Gout? My Foot! Omega 3, Uric Acid, and Pain Relief

They don’t call it “the disease of kings” for nothing. Even though modern medicine has mollified this view somewhat, gout will always be one of those conditions ever pregnant with a sense of poetic justice. 12% of all cases remain directly attributable to dietary causes, in particular alcohol, fructose, meat and seafood. Rates have doubled in the last two decades, as a result of increasing life expectancy and an associated rise in reported cases of metabolic syndrome.

Omega 3s and Pregnancy – 3 Reasons Why My Wife Took Fish Oil While Pregnant

For a woman, pregnancy is the time of life when everything that is included in her diet is scrutinized with laser-like intensity. After all, the soft drink or candy isn’t just going into mom’s stomach, but is also being used to create a growing baby!

Mitigating the Effects of Aging With Fish Oil

There are many effects of aging that can affect your health. Among the main problems that aging produces is the higher risk of heart attack and heart disease. There are also problems that can occur with higher cholesterol and obesity, both of which can be complicated by the effects of aging.

Benchmark for Top Quality Nutritional Supplements

With improved awareness on the need for nutrition, the prevalent question is no longer “Why supplements?” but “What supplements?”. The acronym “CBAPPS” is our benchmark and is something that we would go by. Personally, I would not even consider any supplements at all if they don’t pass the test as we explain below.

Facts About Omega 3 Fish Supplements for Cardiology

Omega 3 fatty acids are a vital part of human growth and development. Omega-3 has been proven to support healthy development of the brain, eyes and nerves. Recently, research has proven the added benefits for heart health. It has been found that omega-3 can help to lower blood triglycerides blood pressure. Omega-3 can be obtained from food sources such as cold water fatty fish, flaxseed or in supplement form.

Treating Anxiety With Fish Oil

Anxiety is a common medical disorder that can seriously reduce your ability to function. Anxiety can be caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain, which can be traced to a lack of the omega 3 fatty acids known as EPA.

Which Supplements Should You Take To Get Ripped

The truth behind get ripped supplements might shock you. Ninety percent of these supplements just do not work. This article will explain which ones work and what they do.

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