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What Dr Sears Doesn’t Tell You About Fish Oil

I just finished watching Barry Sears talk about fish oil, and some key ideas stood out. First of all, he seems to be focusing on ideas like “rejuvenation,” which are not particularly sound for the educated consumer. Lots of people trust Sears, so I don’t want to be disrespectful.

Secrets of Salmon: A Trustworthy Source of EPA?

I was just reading about an ultra-marathon runner who is absolutely in love with salmon. He eats salmon every single day and is ready to sing its praises as part of an all around healthy diet. I find long distance running personally inspiring, so I’m always ready to jump onto the next carb-loading or supplement trend.

Product Comparison: Facts About Norwegian Fish Oil

Granted, there are a lot of fish oil supplements on the shelf, and we’re not talking about laundry detergent, but about something that’s going to go in the consumer’s body. Usually, when a shopper sees that a product comes from a particular place, they tend to associate all sorts of feelings and images from that place to the product. Associations with pain and pleasure are naturally primary tools of industry branding.

Painful Side Effects of Some Omega-3

It’s part of business to make customers happy, and to give them a product they feel is just right. The problems is that, at least in the case of supplements, it’s not just about which product “suits” you. One product may give you way too much fish oil and cause your gums to bleed, another may not give you enough DHA, and therefore not enough benefits.

Harmful, Hydrogenated Fish Oil On Supplement Shelves

It never fails. You think it’s safe, and then something else is hydrogenated.

5 Quick Facts About Concentrated Fish Oil

Whenever I talk about cod liver oil and fish oil, people always want to know what the difference is in oil from a capsule and oil from a sardine can. The difference, just like in your vitamins, is the purity of the substance you’re taking, and the results you gain as a consequence. 1) The purpose of “concentrated” fish oil is a higher content of omega-3, DHA, and EPA. These are the chemicals you are looking for.

Bright Idea for Finding an Optimum Omega-3 Heart Health Supplement

Every person has been exposed to omega-3 for their entire lives. Although it seems like an arcane ingredient of cells, or something a bodybuilder or Olympic athlete might take in order to improve performance, you might be surprised to learn that your body right now is full of optimum omega-3. The amount of omega-3 in your body is constantly changing though, as it is constantly being destroyed and rebuilt by cells in the daily cycles of cell life.

Fish Oil Prescription: Not a Habit for American Doctors

Alright, there are a lot of differences between the way medicine is handled between the two historically intertwined continents of Europe and North America. Recently I discovered something which is to me quite disturbing.

Antioxidant Juice

Why might you wish to drink an antioxidant juice? I can think of a number of reasons that I’d like to share with you.

Showdown: Fish Oil Vs Flax Seed Oil

Flax has one very beneficial characteristic: it contains a substance called ALA, from which the body can manufacture all necessary omega-3s. Just to review, omega-3 is a range of essential fatty acids which your body needs to ingest or manufacture from other nutrients in order to maintain basic functions of the cardiovascular and nervous system. In fact, almost 10% of your brain is actually composed of omega-3 fat, so it’s got to be important.

Fish Oil: Will It Make the Vitamin List?

People love to argue about vitamins. This seems to be a universal truth. My mother frequently attributed my stunning good looks and mental performance to vitamins.

Bizarre Supplements: Bogus Fish Oil Uses

There are lots of fish oil uses out there, from preventing or treating cancer, to curing baldness. Some claims are better supported than others, and every medical claim needs to be carefully examined by the consumer. The big question is: what do you need fish oil for, and would it actually get the job done?

Smelly Fish Oil: Throw It Away, or Return It

There seems to be a bizarre idea out there. Supplements seem magical, so they don’t have to undergo the same rigorous consumer processes as all sorts of other products. This is sad, but true.

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