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PCBs in Fish Oil Supplements: Vital Consumer Information

You probably know that there are growing concerns about the possible toxicity of fish oil supplements. What you may not know is that there are also a growing number of lawsuits targeting all major fish oil brands to determine the truth of the matter.

Not Your Filet of Salmon: Painful Fish Oil Side Effects

If we all took medicine based on the potential negative side-effects, we wouldn’t take anything at all. That said, I want to express my constant surprise at the number of negative side effects related to taking fish oil, something which seems very holistic and basically healthy. First of all, there are too many to list here, although I would love to try.

What Is Bee Pollen and How Can It Slow Down Premature Aging?

Instead of asking yourself “What is bee pollen?”, you should ask yourself how bee pollen can help by slowing down the aging process. While aging is inevitable, it is something that can be delayed. If you want to slow down aging and maintain a youthful-looking appearance well into your retirement, consider taking pollen supplements. These super food supplements will not only make you look younger, they will extend your life. Understand how the vitamins and enzymes can improve your physical health and change your outlook on life.

To Do: Finding Trustworthy Sources of EPA

Let’s be honest. Your body needs EPA, and thankfully, it usually has its own ways of getting what it wants. I speak from experience when I say that if the body really wants something, it’s usually going to get it.

DHA: Swallow the Right Pill

I want to say ahead of time that I am a believer in DHA. This one simple compound seems to solve many of the health problems we face today because of imbalance in our diet and environment. There is overwhelming evidence that DHA is going to be a big mover and shaker in the future, and it’s changing our lives right now.

Before You Buy Fish Oil: An Emotional Checklist

It seems that out of the most of the things we buy, only a few end up making a difference in our lives. That’s why it’s so important to take a good look at yourself before you run screaming down the supplement aisle ready for another pill that’s not really going to make any difference in your health. So, here are a few reasons not to buy fish oil.

Fish Oil: What Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You

I recently discovered an interesting fact. Apparently European doctors universally prescribe fish oil upon any unhealthy cardiovascular event. The first thing I thought was, how did this fact even make it into a story, and then I realized the shocking truth: most American doctors don’t recommend fish oil.

A Meal’s Best Friend: Fish Oil As a Dietary Supplement

You probably know that there are a lot of problems with the modern American diet. Granted, no diet is perfect, but with saturated fats, hydrogenated oil, simple carbohydrates, and many other concerns, Americans have it bad. We know that one major tool in fighting the obesity epidemic is a range of helpful dietary supplements.

What Not To Do With Omega-3

Have you ever broken down and taken a near handful of aspirin? No big deal. I certainly have.

5 Shocking Reasons to Take Fish Oil During Pregnancy

Let me apologize ahead of time for focusing on the negative in this article. If you are easily upset, you may not want to read these proven relationships between a lack of DHA during pregnancy, fetal development, and the life of an adult after a DHA deprived development.

Fish Oil Survivor: Liquid Supplement Voted Off

This may sound a little odd, but I actually walked up to friends arguing about who had the best fish oil the other day. I of course found this personally interested and wanted to hear what everyone had to say. Suzan was convinced that her fish oil was the latest craze and that it would never be beat out by “local” brands.

The Confusing Triglyceride Problem and What To Do About It

If you’re like me, you know that there’s always something new to lower. Lower your cholesterol, your blood pressure, and now, your triglycerides. I didn’t hear about triglycerides until recently.

Check This Out: Fish Oil For Babies

Babies are magical, but even the best magicians have to think. Babies are really wonderful, with all sorts of great systems set up to organize nutrients and build the components of life. By the time they’ve made their grand debut, most of these systems are set up and ready to go.

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