Reviewing 14 Vegan Children’s Books!

Of course I hate the most popular one.

0:00 – intro
2:44 – The True Adventures of Esther The Wonder Pig
4:42 – Not A Nugget
6:02 – V Is For Vegan
6:55 – Linus The Vegetarian T. Rex
7:56 – That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals
10:49 – Dave Loves Chickens
11:50 – Chickpea Runs Away
14:03 – Did You Steal My Milk?
15:34 – Gobble Gobble Mr. Wobble
16:36 – That’s Not My Momma’s Milk!
17:40 – I Am Not Food!
18:33 – I’m A Supervegan
20:05 – We All Love
21:42 – Happy Animals: Friends Not Food

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