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Testosterone Boosting With Tongkat Ali and 7 Minutes of Exercise Each Day

If something is not broken, don’t fix it. However, there is everything to gain my regular maintenance and this is especially true for maintaining a proper and healthy level of testosterone in our system so that we live active and vigorous lives with appropriate muscle mass and body fat levels. That is, our modern lives are training our brains to make less testosterone than we would normal have if we still lived in the age of manual labor or hunter-gatherer times and this fact alone has caused us or most of us to get too fat and to lose most…

Boost Your Testosterone Naturally With Tongkat Ali

Fighting nature with our health is like fighting gravity – as hard as we might try; we are always brought back to Earth with a sudden thud. And when it comes to medicine, there are merits of both the eastern and western methodologies, but there can be little doubt that the west seeks to only treat symptoms whereas the eastern philosophy is to treat the entire body balance in a holistic way. Whereas the west uses medicines typically as a poison to kill some germ, bacteria, parasite or virus, the eastern approach is to supplement diet with nature’s way to…

Force Factor Reviews

Force factor is now the trend in muscle building. It cannot be denied that muscle building is one of the priorities of most guys. This is because guys with toned body and muscles are attractive and they really look good. A survey conducted on muscle building revealed that 80% of men want to achieve a leaner, toner and muscular body in order to feel good about themselves.

10 Benefits of Chickweed – Using Chickweed to Boost Your Health and Cleanse Your Body

Learn 10 Benefits of Chickweed! This herb is most famous for its incredible healing properties. Chickweed has an amazing ability relieve pain, and quicken healing both internally and externally.

Cod Liver Oil Tablets

Cod is a “fatty” fish that comes from the deep ocean. It is considered one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids. By eating smaller fish from medium and lower levels of the ocean, the cod acquires concentrated levels of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), otherwise known as omega-3 fats. You can, of course, eat cod fish as part of your daily diet. However, a cod liver oil tablet, taken as directed, can also supply you with the omega-3 fats you need for a healthy body.

Tongkat Ali Tree Root Boosts Testosterone

Wisdom stands the test of time, and many traditional methods of healing found in Asian cultures have stood the test of sometimes thousands of years. One such example of this is Tongkat Ali which is a tree mostly found in the tropical and sub-tropical forests of South East Asia and it has been used in TCM – Traditional Chinese Medicine as well by healers and doctors from ancient Indian times as well as in most other Asian countries. The Tongkat Ali tree root has in it certain compounds which stimulate the natural production of testosterone and for many hundreds of…

Tongkat Ali Works With Nature to Boost Testosterone Levels

The western mindset is about dominance and an egotistical belief that the human can dictate to nature outcomes that they desire. The eastern mindset is more humble and understands the true power of nature, and in this regard they seek to work with and never against nature, especially when it comes to matters of health. It is very normal for Chinese people for example to shy away from any kind of western medicines because they are almost always a drug designed to poison a symptom with unknown impacts on other parts of the whole body.

African Mango Extract – The Truth About African Mango Revealed!

I’ve been struggling with weight issues for a long time, and I’ve tried nearly all the products on the market (including Acai). A friend of mine recommended giving African Mango Extract a try, so I did. Here’s my review of this new supplement…

What Is Cod Liver Oil?

Cod liver oil is one of the most popular dietary supplements on the market today. But, what exactly is cod liver oil? And, why in the world would anyone want to take something like that? There’s not anything in those three words that sound either appetizing or healthy. Let’s find out the benefits of cod liver oil.

Wondering Why You Should Take Fish Oil? Four Reasons That Will Have You Reaching For The Bottle

Why take fish oil? Many people are asking that as the number of fish oil supplements increases weekly on supermarket and drugstore shelves. Taking an omega 3 supplement may seem like something only ‘health nuts’ would do – until you read the evidence. The reasons for adding an omega 3 to your daily supplement routine are numerous – and compelling!

Originally: DHA Pregnancy – The Secret to a Healthier Baby and a Healthier Pregnancy

A pregnant pause? Why expectant mothers should keep up their omega-3 intake. It’s nothing short of a minefield. Somewhere between avocados and leafy greens, the dietary taboos are bound to come crashing down on a pregnant woman, as if she’s been infested by an alien and a Michelin connoisseur all at once.

Tribulus Terrestris – One Of The Best Natural Testosterone Boosters

For hundreds of years truth be told, there happen to be a number of natural remedies which have been employed to overcome a variety of health and well being conditions. One such natural remedy is Tribulus Terrestris. It happens to be additionally referred to by names such as Goathead and Puncture Vine as well as others. It thrives throughout the warm as well as temperate parts of South Asia and Europe. It is actually able to flourish throughout desert environments and other harsh climates too.

The Many Health Benefits of Nature’s Greatest Gift, Ginseng

Supporting the natural balance of your entire body, Ginseng is one of the greatest gifts that nature gives us. Originally used in Chinese traditional medicine, this plant is a true panacea, containing over 28 therapeutic elements; being an adaptogenic plant, Ginseng supports the immune system and assists the body in restoring itself with no side effects. Lots of nutritional supplements available on the market are based on Ginseng roots, which proved to be very efficient in treating or reducing just about any symptom, from immunity problems and circulatory diseases to…

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