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Four Worst Omega-3 Fortified Foods

It used to be that the only sources of omega-3 fats were fish and fish oil supplements. But now supermarket aisles are seeing a boom in packaged foods boasting about their omega-3 content – foods that are not normally known to contain this important long-chain fatty acid. But don’t stop eating fish or taking fish oil pills just yet. Nutrition experts discovered that these omega-3 fortified foods contain very little or none of the benefits brought by DHA and EPA. Below are the four worst offenders.

What Are The Best Supplements For Men?

Over the last few decades we have made tremendous strides in advancing our knowledge of how to have a healthy lifestyle and stay fit. We know so much more about nutrition and the way it affects our bodies, the importance of an exercise program but what are the best supplements you should take in order to assure your health. You may be surprised to find out which ones make the list.

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