The Best Vegan News of 2020! (aka my favorite news)

See ya next year!

0:00 – Intro
1:04 – Animal welfare
5:13 – Clean meat
7:10 – Plant-based alternatives
8:57 – Public perception
9:58 – Non-vegan companies adding vegan options
12:59 – Government investment
13:50 – The best news of all
14:15 – So much more!
15:02 – Wrap up
16:21 – Nonsense

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Methylcobalamin – A Better B12 Supplement

Nearly all vitamin B12 supplements contain the synthetic form of the vitamin known as cyanocobalamin instead of the superior methylcobalamin your body would get naturally from food and can use straight away. This article investigates the reasons why methylcobalamin is a better choice, and why any person serious about their health should use this option rather than the second-rate cyanocobalamin compound regularly found in dietary supplements.

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Why Use Bee Propolis Throat Spray?

Today it is not difficult to find health supplements being promoted in different forms. The case is no different when it comes to bee propolis throat spray. Propolis supplements can be found under the form of pills, granules and even chunks.

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Worker honeybees produce a milky substance which is known as Royal jelly. This component is also known by a number of names. They are bee saliva, bee spit and even honeybee milk.

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Royal jelly supplements are today recognized as the ultimate remedy for lack of energy and other benefits of the health. More and more people are moving towards this product under the belief that they can overcome health issues which they could be facing or even prevent issues which they may face at some time in the future. The market is full of products all of which claim that they can offer similar benefits.

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