The Best Vegan News of 2021! (aka my favorite news)

Special Fish Oil for Women: Progress At Last

We all know that women are special and have special needs. One of the big differences where supplements are concerned is that women have a unique hormonal spectrum. This is why you will be seeing more fish oil products for women.

What to Do About Fat Calories in Fish Oil

It may be a no-brainer: oil has calories. Still, I’m constantly answering the question, “why should I take a supplement that has calories?” It sometimes seems like things that are good for us are not supposed to have calories, when frequently the opposite is true.

Review of Zone Diet Fish Oil

Everywhere I look, someone’s lost weight with The Zone. There’s nothing wrong with a healthy life style. It seems a little bit funny, though, that the fish oil recommended with The Zone diet is actually one of the worst products for losing weight in The Zone.

Good Fish Oil: Secrets of a Lifelong Supplement

Everyone has their favorite. A favorite drama, sport, kind of cheesecake. So what is it that makes a real winner in terms of fish oil supplements?

Fish Oil: Uncover the Harmful Effects of Anchovies

Anchovies–great on pizza, high in omega-3, but do you really want to take them every day with breakfast? Are they what you want in your daily regimen? There are many factors which go into picking the fish species for your supplement, and these are just a few.

Uncover Concerns About Flax Seed Oil Supplements

We all know that Americans basically get way too much vegetable oil in their diet, so why are people paying top dollar to take it as a supplement? Flax seed oil is the latest craze in “health oils” which are supposed to bring about all sorts of benefits, from weight loss to preventing cancer. The problem is that there are some clear cut reasons not to take flax seed oil, and it’s important to keep these in mind when checking out the holistic remedies in the…

Guide To Checking Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil

Pick up a bottle of fish oil. It may say “pharmaceutical grade fish oil.” What does this mean?

Guide to Ultra Refined Fish Oil

Every time I turn around someone’s found a bizarre process for selling a more concentrated form. It seems that industry standards are not good enough for the consumer. This movement is a good sign because it shows that we as consumers are paying a little attention to what’s going on in our supplements.

How To Shop For The Best Fish Oil Supplement

Shopping around is tough. I know because I love to shop around. For me, it’s a way to have my cake and eat it to.

How to Find Small Fish Oil Pills

I love it when my grandparents compare their heart medication pills. Look at the size of this one, dear, it’s a miracle I don’t choke. Well, a lot of us are sick of taking huge pills, and we would like to do something about it.

Warnings About High Dose and Concentrated Fish Oil

There are so many risks to taking a supplement on a daily basis. After weeks, years, and decades of taking a supplement, you don’t want to be wondering about the harms it may have been causing. Here are a few of the big ones you need to think about when taking high or concentrated doses of fish oil.

Fishy Source of Omega 3: Sardines

Every fish has its own environment and biological properties, and has as many differences from one to another as does one supplement from another. As an educated consumer, you already know that there is a tremendous difference in the nutritional quality of all kinds of species. We need to talk about sardines because they are a common ingredient to fish oil, and may be in the fish oil you took this morning.

An Exploration of Omega-3 Dosage: Dangers and Suggestions

Sometimes it seems like the only way to get any accurate medical information is to call your doctor, again. While I talk to my doctor all the time, I find that the best second opinion is my own, and I’ve discovered dosage to be a major concern among Omega-3 takers. Doesn’t the bottle tell you how much to take?

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