The Most Dishonest, Lazy Response Video?

My response to “Equestrian Reacts To Another Crazy Vegan” by RaleighLink14. If you’re going to insist someone thinks all horses should be released into the wild, maybe make sure they actually say that in their video? Just a thought.

0:00 – intro
1:16 – maybe watch the videos you respond to?
4:01 – “expertise”
4:39 – bias
6:37 – i’m so confused
7:53 – Raleigh supports breeding horses
8:47 – tiger-horse comparison
11:01 – why breeding is wrong
12:12 – i’m so confused pt 2
13:12 – all wild horses descend from domesticated horses
15:33 – pro-breeding is not vegan
18:21 – ending horse breeding vs ending human procreation
20:41 – just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it can’t be done
21:05 – different activists have different goals
21:41 – breeding is wrong pt 2
22:34 – math is important
24:52 – different activists have different goals pt 2
26:00 – gradual transition is a thing
27:45 – math is important pt 2
28:42 – saying “i don’t know” is ok
30:27 – Raleigh is too close to this issue to be objective
32:34 – conclusion

Raleigh’s videos

BLM killing horses

Appeal to popularity

Appeal to nature

*Support an Effective Animal Charity*

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Is The Link Between Fish Oil and Cancer Genuine?

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Royal Jelly should not be mistaken for any food product, which is created for the consumption of humans. It is a secretion which is produced by worker bees and fed to the Queen bee of a hive. It is believed to be the substance which contributes to the longevity and fertility of the Queen bee.

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