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HGH Offers Benefit For Osteoporosis Patients

  Osteoporosis is a disease in which the bones weaken, become brittle, and break easily due to the loss of bone tissue. People with osteoporosis most often break bones in the wrist, spine, and hip. Over 40 million Americans suffer from osteoporosis or are at a greater risk of suffering from the disease due to low bone mass.

Can HGH Help Heart Attack and Stroke Victims?

According to the American Heart Association, someone has a heart attack every 34 seconds in the United States. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 785,000 Americans have their first heart attack each year.

Hormone Replacement – Getting Popular Day By Day

The use of hormones for extra physical strength is nothing new. In the previous times, before the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) enforced a strict anti-steroid regime, the use of hormones among the athletes was widespread and commonly acceptable fact too. But there is enough scientific evidence to suggest that the use of hormones not only adversely affects the proper functioning of the liver but also leads towards certain cardiovascular and the valvular conditions. The illegal steroid hormones are also known to encourage the excessive growth of body cells which can be a harbinger for certain types of Lymphomas.

The Camu Camu Berry – Why Is This Tiny Berry Important for Our Health?

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant for fighting free radical damage and protecting the cells in your body. Vitamin C is known to be a major contributor in the prevention of cancer, and premature aging. Vitamin C can help booster your immune system so your body can be resilient strong and healthy. To get the full benefits when you consume vitamin C you need to get vitamin C in it’s full spectrum from a natural whole food source. Not just an isolated component, like only ascorbic acid. The camu camu berry is 50,000 parts vitamin C per million. An orange is only 1000 parts vitamin C per million. So camu is actually 50 times more potent in vitamin C than an orange. There are lots of fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C just not in very high quantities. read more…

Making “Healthy” A Habit

Creating healthy habits is hard, sticking to them is hard enough. However, you can’t always get the recommended nutrients through diet alone. Adding supplements to your diet helps pick up that slack!

Hormone Replacement Therapy – Something Better for the Fairer Sex

Almost all the 40 year old women start feeling bodily changes which are slightly newer for them. This happens because once a women crosses the age of 40 years the production of the most important hormones such as Progesterone, and Estrogen decreases considerably.Thus in order to offset the loss of bodily hormones, the Hormone Replacement Therapy for a short term period is suggested.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy – A Gift From Mother Nature

The bioidentical replacement therapy or BHRT is a poorly defined term which is actually being employed on a mere tactical level within the ambit of the Hormone Replacement Therapy. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (HRT) means that the chemical makeup of the replacement hormone is exactly the same as that which the human body produces. Pharmaceutically speaking there are two types of bioidentical hormones: naturally occurring and the synthetic.

Health Benefits Of CQ10

If you are confused by the health benefits of CQ10 you are in good company because it appears under a few different names such as vitamin Q, ubiquinone, ubiquinonol, COQ10 – or perhaps you may have heard of coenzyme Q10? They are all the same and do the same job in promoting their various health benefits.

Ganoderma For Your Health

Ganoderma, also known as reishi, is a hard and bitter mushroom utilized in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. It is used to promote health and longevity. Ganoderma is being evaluated for a variety of potential medicinal effects.

Spirulina Superfood – The Origin of the Very Popular Dietary Supplement Nowadays

Spirulina is a species of blue green algae belonging to the genus Arthrospira. Thriving in warm and alkaline fresh water, Spirulina is essentially a single-celled cyanobacterium with a spiral and twisted strand physical form, hence its name. Originating from the Latin word for little spiral or helix, Spirulina has become a popular dietary supplement for health buffs. It is now being dubbed as a “superfood” because it contains a wide array of necessary nutrients such as proteins and vitamins for the overall health of the human body. However, despite its gaining popularity, many people still ask themselves, “what is Spirulina?”

Keep Your Child Safe From Poison Packaging by Opting for Child Resistant Packaging Companies

Every one once in his lifetime would have come across a situation where his child or an elderly person from his family might have consumed something poisonous which would have resulted in serious outcomes. This might be due to an unsealed bottle kept near them or may be because of the reason of consuming a medicine often told to be a candy so that he guzzle it without and resistance. There are many products retailed in the market that come with no such security package so as to protect the children.

Eating Whey Protein

An update to the protein requirement guide. Everything you need to know when it comes to ingesting protein for optimal protein synthesis.

Arginine Benefits Revealed – Redefined Body Building Program

Arginine is one of the ingredients used in Nitric Oxide. When combined together these ingredients will make you stronger and enable powerful muscle growth to take place in your body which can be seen through the use of a Xtreme No supplement.

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