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Does Alpha Lipoic Acid Really Have Side Effects?

Alpha lipoic acid has been prescribed to many different types of people for numerous health conditions or general fitness goals. Scientists and doctors both prescribe this amazing supplement to a large amount of people because it has been scientifically proven to work.

How to Prevent a Hangover – Best Way To Stop Hangover Symptoms The Morning After

Knowing how to prevent a hangover can make life a lot easier. Personally, I can’t stand wasting half my day, or sometimes my whole day, with a splitting headache and on the verge of vomiting every time I think of either alcohol or food. It’s not just that the pain and discomfort are debilitating, it’s that I like to be active and do stuff. Whether it’s work or play, I can’t stand lying around hungover.

Five Omega-3 Benefits for the Skin

If you want great skin, omega-3 supplements are among the must-have food items you should stock up on. Here are five wonderful things omega-3 fatty acids can do for your skin.

Calcium: Will Supplements Help Osteoporosis In My Bones or Hurt Me?

For the last few decades, the medical community has been urging us to take increasingly higher doses of calcium supplements. Have the supplements been working? What harm could they possibly do?

Taking Too Many Multivitamins

Taking multivitamins has become part of life. Everyone is probably encouraging you to take multivitamins. But do people really need to pop so many pills?

Tribulus for Training

With winter upon us once again fatty comfort foods are always on the cards, with long Friday afternoons at the pub expected and that winter spare tyre becoming inevitable. The human body’s metabolism is genetically designed to slow down during winter which in turn leaves us with those 5-10 kilos of unwanted weight. So what can we do to stem the kilos from piling on? The answer is quite simple… exercise. However in order to achieve the results that we desire it is important to place significant focus on diet and supplementation. With this said one of the most important supplements that assists in fat reduction and muscle gains is tribulus, a 100% natural testosterone enhancer.

The Beneficial Health Properties of 100% Pure Organic Chlorella

Studies on this one-celled microalgae have been ongoing for years…it’s been on this planet for many millions of years and have found that it may improve health in a variety of ways. When exposed to certain levels of radiation Chlorella may improve recovery time and lessens the effects. It will increase energy levels, promote the production of digestive tract ‘good’ bacteria, reduce bad breath, and has detoxification properties.

Determining The Best Creatine Supplement

Despite some of the controversy and myths surrounding Creatine, this supplement is highly regarded by the bodybuilding community to be an effective way to maximize workout potential. Since its explosion in popularity in the early 90’s Creatine has become the leading sports-nutrition supplement by generating $200 million annually. As a result every sports nutrition brand jumped on this opportunity by adding Creatine to their line of supplements and before long it became a household name.

Why Bodybuilders Fund the Lifestyles of Supplement Reps

Bodybuilders like everyone else, resent hard work to a point. More than that they lose heart on the hard path to muscled achievement and start to doubt themselves. This lack of resolve leads either to defeatism or magical thinking.

Is Bee Pollen Good For You? – Only If You Want Good Health and Added Longevity From Your Life

An exceedingly common question from those new to health products and bee pollen is: “Is bee pollen good for you?” It’s easy to understand why people are curious as to whether bee pollen is any good. After all, many people will remember pollen as one of those things, moms told us to stay clear off, as kids.

The Different Forms of Creatine

Creatine comes in many forms such as pills, liquid and the most popular, powder. So what are the differences? Why is creatine powder more popular? Does one form have more side effects than the next and is one more effective than the next? These are questions that you should be asking yourself before even considering using any health supplement, not just creatine.

Coconut Oil a Nootropic? Weight Loss and More

Introduction Coconut oil, medium chain fatty acids and monoglycerides have been garnering accolade in organic and health-food circles over the last few years; originally recognised as a dangerous oil, high in saturated fats and indicated in heart-disease – coconut oil is undergoing a dramatic metamorphosis. The crux of this metamorphosis revolves around two main conceptions: a dated study showing the detrimental effects of coconut oil – this study used hydrogenated coconut oil which produces a high yield of trans-fats now known to enter cellular membranes, inhibit utilization of essential fatty acids and impede cell functionality. Trans-fats also cause…

Antioxidant Supplements – Should We Take Them?

The above query is the first thought that comes to most people’s mind when they hear the words ‘antioxidant supplements’. To come to a conclusion about the usability of antioxidant supplements, you need to first know what antioxidants are and why they are required. To do so, you need to understand how the byproducts of oxidation, i.e. free radicals, affect us. Read on to know the effect free radicals can have on our health, why antioxidants are important, about the natural sources of antioxidants, and whether an antioxidant supplement pill a day is beneficial.

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