Vegan Protein Powder – Try My Organic Plant Based Protein by Dr Hannah Straight

Hello! I created an organic plant based protein since protein is an essential building block of life. Almost everything in the body uses or is made of protein. Here are the basics on protein and why its necessary!

I get lots of questions on how I stay fit and in shape! Well, I was always looking for a protein that had minimal, clean ingredients and could never find one I liked. This vegan protein powder is USDA organic, non GMO, gluten free with no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, fillers, or preservatives.

This protein helps me stay active and fit even when I’m living a crazy busy life or out in the middle of no where off grid.

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Thanks for watching – I hope you learned something new in this video! Next week I’ll be posting a fun video!

Dr. Hannah Straight

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