Vegan youtubers call out my ignorance about socialism (responding to vegan critics)

There are a lot of responses to videos of mine out there on the youtubes. That’s the great thing about youtube and the internet in general. Literally anyone can make their voice heard.

Although that isn’t quite true. Just because you make a video, doesn’t mean it’s actually going to be seen. You have to either get lucky with the algorithm, get shouted out by a larger channel or on reddit or something (which doesn’t always result in a lot more views), or already have a large following.

The response videos regarding me that I’ve seen mostly have a lot of views and come from the same sources, channels I’ve responded to in the past. But there are actually a lot of videos from much smaller channels. And just because a channel is small or a video hasn’t reached many people, doesn’t mean it isn’t worthwhile. I’m not perfect, I definitely make mistakes. So I thought it’d be fun to check out some of these videos and see if they’re any good. Maybe I’ll learn something!

0:00 – Intro
0:50 – Catherine Klein
21:53 – Socialism Done Left
31:37 – TheObnoxiousAnarchist
34:14 – Why I didn’t include Thought Slime
36:07 – fruit snacks

Catherine Klein

Socialism Done Left



Libertarians Need Government — in Finance as in Public Health


Basic income

Democrats and neoliberalism


Idle corporate cash piles up

Single-family zoning

Communist countries

Housing first

*Support an Effective Animal Charity*

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#vegan #socialism

What To Expect When Using Garcinia Cambogia

If you have been trying to lose weight for a few weeks not then for sure you have stumbled on garcinia cambogia. It is currently one of the most popular weight loss supplements which has gained a huge reputation from people who have used it. Perhaps one of the biggest questions that have with regards to garcinia cambogia would be its efficiency.

Why Is Cayenne Pepper Good for You?

Capsicum or cayenne pepper is not only a hot spice, but also an amazing remedy famous with some of its benefits all over the world. The multiple uses of the cayenne pepper are truly astonishing. Cleansing the arteries, it also gives the heart any nutrients it needs, makes blood circulation easier, equalizes the levels of blood pressure, regenerates blood cells and treats blood clots.

Evolution of Green Coffee Bean Extract As a Weight Loss Product

The green coffee bean has been termed as a miracle product by many as it has great natural powers that will help to reduce the weight of a person quickly and in a natural way. So there is a lot of importance that is given to the coffee bean by pharmaceutical companies that are promoting products that are made of pure green coffee bean extract as weight loss supplements. The results of using these supplements are all over the internet with many claiming that the bean is a miracle product and they have been able to achieve loss of weight…

Tribulus Terrestris: Natural Energy Booster

Also known as puncture vine, Tribulus Terrestris has a wide range of health benefits. It does not only promote sexual health, but it also works as a natural energy booster. Thus, the supplement is especially beneficial for those who experience weakness and fatigue and those who require extra energy to do routine and strenuous exercise.

Why Raspberry Ketone Drops May or May Not Work for You

Raspberry ketone drops possesses all the crucial properties of an efficient weight loss supplement. It speeds up metabolism, suppresses appetite, and is absorbed by the body three times faster than its pill counterparts. However, its efficacy may be affected by a person’s lifestyle, and while it is proven safe, there are certain precautions that should be taken into consideration before taking it.

Green Coffee Bean Extract: Review of Its Benefits

Made from unroasted coffee beans, green coffee bean extract has various benefits. It promotes natural weight loss, works as a powerful antioxidant, and has no side effects.

What Does Science Say About Infant Probiotics?

Probiotics are everywhere and are even in your baby’s formula. Do they really offer any help? Looking at published studies, we get a quick overview of the benefits of infant probiotics.

The Best Ten Immunity Boosters to Stave Off a Cold

Ever wondered if there was something that you could do to prevent colds? To help you out, I’ve looked at the scientific literature to find out what supplements have worked and which ones have failed in clinical trials.

Raspberry Ketone: Review of the Weight Loss Supplement’s Benefits

Extracted from red raspberries, raspberry ketone has various benefits. It promotes natural and healthy weight loss, increases leptin sensitivity, and helps maintain cardiovascular health.

Vitamin B12 Drops: A Review of Its Benefits

Vitamin B12 drops plays an important role in supplying the body with sufficient levels of Vitamin B12. The vitamin is necessary for various essential functions, such as keeping the nervous system healthy and helping in the production of new and healthy red blood cells.

Garcinia Cambogia: Review of the Supplement’s Benefits

Garcinia Cambogia is one of the most important supplements in the health and wellness today. It maintains overall wellness by promoting natural weight loss, relieving stress, and fighting depression all at the same time.

Pre-Workout Supplements Are More Effective With Arginine Or Citrulline?

There is a lot of debate on which NO Booster is the most beneficial to pre-workout; Citrulline or Arginine? There are other sources of course, but these two bring up the most conflict in popular debates. This article shines some light on the subject.

Coenzyme Q10: Review of Its Benefits

Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10 is essential in the production of energy that the systems in the body use to keep it healthy. Sufficient levels of the substance, which can be achieved through supplementation, have various benefits. These include enhanced health of the vital organs, increased energy levels, and minimized skin aging.

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