We Can’t Absorb Protein From Plants?! (the worst ex-vegan video part 2)

Bee Pollen Capsules Tips

If you want to take advantage of the many health benefits of bee pollen, this food supplement is available for consumption in a few different forms. Most experts recommend eating raw granules, either by the spoonful or mixed with some other food such as yogurt or in a fruit drink.

There’s Omega 3 In Fish, But What Else Are You Eating?

You can find Omega 3 in fish more than any other source. But unfortunately eating a lot of fish to increase your Omega 3 essential fatty acid intake has it’s own problems. Find out more.

Bee Pollen Benefits Are Numerous

Bee pollen has been used traditionally as an anti-aging and energy food for hundreds of years by people looking to improve some aspect of their life. Bee pollen has been used traditionally as an anti-aging and energy food for hundreds of years by people looking to improve some aspect of their life.

Bee Pollen Basket – From the Bees to Your Home

The bee pollen basket is the area on the back leg of the bees, where they store the pollen after it is collected. The amazing thing about this area of storage is that it can hold up to 1 million grains of pollen, allowing them to transport it back to the hive to turn into honey.

Carnosine and Carnitine Help Prevent Diabetes and Heart Disease

Arterial stiffness caused by glycation is one of the key underlying causes of aging and has been shown to contribute to increased risk of heart disease, dementia, DNA damage and metabolic dysfunction. The aging process accelerates as blood sugar levels slowly increase as a result of poor dietary choices and can cause damage to proteins.

Memory Improvement Vitamins

Getting misled by the circulating information about memory improvement vitamins can be easy nowadays. A lot of people tend to just jump in to the only available vitamins around not knowing if they are really effective or not. This article aims to shed light to this issue. It discusses three of the most effective vitamins for memory improvement and how they work. Read on to learn and to be enlightened.

Are There Good Cholesterol Foods, Or Is All Cholesterol Bad?

There is often a lot of confusion surrounding cholesterol, what is good and what is bad, what is high and what is low. Can there be such things as good cholesterol foods?

Focus On Recipes For Low Cholesterol Diet Plans

There are plenty of recipes for low cholesterol diet plans available and all of them could be adopted by you as you put your new hobby to work. Just imagine how much happier the family might be if you take the time and effort to prepare wholesome, healthy and fresh dinners for a change.

What Is Cholesterol Used For?

It has many different and important roles. In part it’s used to produce steroid hormones that we need to function and develop correctly. These hormones are so important that they play a significant role in our physical development, our ability to reproduce and our ability to fight off infection.

How Oil Can Still Be A Part Of A Diet For Lowering Cholesterol

If you have been told that your cholesterol levels are too high, all is not lost in terms of pleasing your taste buds. You can still use oil to prepare your foods and the right kind of oil can be an integral part of a diet for lowering cholesterol.

Protein Bar Manufacturing Trends

Because nutrition bars are convenient, portable, nutritious, and tasty, they make the perfect on-the-go snack for a significant number of health-conscious consumers who often find it challenging to incorporate well-balanced meals into their fast-paced lifestyles. According to the Nutrition Business Journal (Colorado), the value of the Sports Nutrition and Weight Loss (SNWL) market was up by nearly $2 billion in 2010, showing a sales increase of 9 percent over the previous year. In the past 13 years, the SNWL market has seen a remarkable compound growth rate of 10.

Maqui Berry Select – The Superfood That Can Boost Your Health

Many types of berries have been cultivated and consumed by Americans for decades because of the health benefits they provide. These include blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, black currants, Acai berries and some others. But until only recently, the Maqui berry was unknown to most people.

You Know What Colloidal Silver Is?

Many people don’t know what colloidal silver is, and if you are not sure then you may be missing out on the greatest discovery of the ages. You see a select few people in human history used silver for some amazing health benefits, to keep them healthy and to heal diseases, and bring full health back around.

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