what I eat in a day (high-protein, vegan, not boring)

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back with another “what I eat in a day” video! today, we’ve got a bunch of high-protein meals, including overnight oats, mac & cheese, cilantro-lime tofu, and black bean brownies. enjoy!

White bean cheese sauce → https://bit.ly/3OFZkNR
Black bean brownies → https://bit.ly/3rUSg6h

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Welcome to Sarah’s Vegan Kitchen! My name is Sarah Sullivan. I share vegan recipes, from healthy meal ideas to plant-based versions of comfort food dishes I used to love.

0:00 intro
0:41 breakfast (tiramisu overnight oats w/ protein)
4:27 ad break
5:41 prepping dinner
7:36 lunch (high-protein mac & cheese)
16:53 making dessert in advance
19:16 dinner (cilantro-lime tofu w/ coconut rice)
20:45 outro

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