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Right Food at the Right Time

A balanced diet is very essential for one and all. It holds a very special place, especially in the calendars of bodybuilders. They have to focus on eating quality food all the time. We would be able to discover that the food intake is completely different when we compare the intake of bodybuilders with that of a normal person.

Why Protein Supplements?

Hectic time schedules and today’s way of life seldom permits you to have small amounts of meals spread throughout the course of the day. Few seldom realize the importance of this. Moreover, it is highly essential to have some bodybuilding supplements to balance your diet and also to indulge in work out. Protein supplements produce fast results.

The Anabolic and the Catabolic States – What’s the Difference?

Anabolic and catabolic are the two states that the body takes after it experiences exercise or activity. In the anabolic state, the body is building and repairing the tissues in your muscles. On the other hand, in the catabolic state, the body is breaking tissue down.

Liquid Protein for Bodybuilders and Athletes for Building Muscle and Enhancing Performance

Proteins are some of the most essential nutrients for the human body. They serve as a type of fuel that will keep our body going for longer throughout the day; therefore it is the ideal choice for a bodybuilder or athlete.

High Quality Protein and How to Know What Is Best for You

There are many types of high quality protein that can be found online or in brick and mortar stores. However, only a few actually can be utilized by our body in a way that will improve our quality of living. Therefore it is essential that when you are buying protein that you make sure it contains only the best protein for your body.

The Symptoms of a Calcium Deficiency

Did you drink your milk today? Moms all over the world ask their kids that on a daily basis. That’s because moms know best and realize that a calcium deficiency can wreak havoc on a person’s health. Out of all the minerals in our body the one we have most is calcium. A lack of it can mean major problems.

Raspberry Ketone Plus Claims

A new fat burning supplement in the market comes with a name of Raspberry Ketone Plus. The claims of this weight loss supplement are supported by research. According to the promoters of the product, it can help you lose up to 5 pounds in every week of taking the supplement.

Various Types of Antibacterial Drugs and Its Uses

Antibacterial drugs are used for the treatment of various types of bacterial infections in humans, animals and plants. There are a variety of antibiotic drugs which are used to treat various types of diseases.

Why African-Americans Need To Take Vitamin D

There is a Vitamin D deficiency epidemic going on. Many people do not realize their need for Vitamin D. Often, this deficiency is overlooked. Author Emily Allison-Francis is working to inform the public of this crisis with her new book CORRECTING THE VITAMIN D DEFICIENCY EPIDEMIC.

African Mango Advanced Diet Supplements

The African mango is a delicious sweet yellow fruit that is found in the rainforests of Cameroon. During recent years it has gained popularity as a health and weight loss supplement.

The Best African Mango Diet

There are many weight loss supplements on the market today, and choosing one actually works is not an easy task. However, researchers have found that Africa mango supplements are effective in aiding weight loss, and furthermore are thought to reduce the risk of diabetes.

Can Taking Vitamins Be Bad For Your Health?

New studies suggest that taking daily supplements could lead to an early death but does not actually conclude this based on the data evaluated. So does this mean that you should stop taking all vitamin supplements because they can kill you? No, it means that like every other substance, such as medicine and food, there are limits to how much and what type you need and too much or the wrong supplement just like too much of the wrong medicine may be harmful.

Synthetic Vitamins – Have You Been Lied To?

What are synthetic vitamins? Synthetic vitamins are made vitamins, which is created through a chemical process that contains impurities and harmful additives that may cause damage to your body. Pharmaceutical companies main objective for producing synthetic vitamins is due to the fact that its less expensive to make than natural vitamins, although due to high temperatures in the manufacturing phase vital nutrients are stripped from these vitamins.

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